Under the direction of Beautification Chairman, Chad MacAllister, who furnished all of the necessary equipment including the Pop Up tent, table and chairs, MCHA had a very attractive busy booth enjoyed by residents and visitors alike. Julie Craemer and Anne Pearson organized the displays, educational information, Plant lists and volunteers for the booth who included Cheryl Kohr, Margo Greenberg, Steve O’Neill, Valerie Gorsuch, Jill Shoemaker and Tom Schloemer. Christine Fine contributed all of the early Historical PVE pictures that were on display. We also have a new MCHA Banner because of Julie Craemer.

The most popular event by far was the self guided Olmsted Plant Tour with its colorful and beautiful printed map outlining the convenient areas around the Malaga Cove Plaza area to visit. At least 75% of the 100 original cards were used. We have Jill Shoemaker and Tricia Rapaport to thank for creating this popular event. 

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