MCHA Board of Directors Meeting May 25, 2022

Malaga Cove Library Gallery Room

2022-2023 Directors present: Gemma Kemps, Derek Lazarro, Jill Shoemaker, Erin Rehkemper, Chad McAllister, Ginger Eaton

Outgoing President Jill Shoemaker made a motion to officially elect the proposed 2022-2023 MCHA Slate of Officers:

President-Gemma Kemps
Vice President-Ginger Eaton
Treasurer-Erin Rehkemper
Financial Secretary-Tara Hubbard
Recording Secretary-Valerie Gorsuch

Chad McAllister seconded the motion

Motion passed.

Signed: Jill Shoemaker on behalf of Valerie Gorsuch, Recording Secretary

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