The meeting was held pursuant to advance written notice to each director.

A quorum was met.
Directors present: Gemma Kemps, Ginger Eaton, Tara Hubbard, Erin Rehkemper, Valerie Gorsuch, Jill Shoemaker, Chad MacAllister, Derek Lazarro (8)

Directors absent: Linda Elliott

Meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM by President Gemma Kemps

1. Directors introduced themselves

2. Acceptance of Director’s Meeting Minutes

a. March 21 2022 Minutes read. Motion to accept, seconded, unanimously approved

b. May 25 2022 Minutes read. Motion to accept, seconded, unanimously approved

3. Presidents Introduction – Initiatives stated

a. TGIT is assigned to Social Committee

b. Membership/Communication Committee will be split into two (2) committees

c. Increased welcome for new residents

d. Web site needs to be refurbished

e. Family Event – Food Truck to be added

f. Increased social media presence

g. Improve design of our logo

4. Committee Review

a. Board Representation on all Committees

b. Review goals and responsibilities of each committee

i. Communications: Chair – Gemma

ii. Membership: Chair – Tara

iii. Social

iv. Neighborhood Church: Chair – Paullin

v. Malaga Cove School: Chair – Phyllis

vi. Beautification: Chair – Chad

5. Budget presented for approval by Treasurer. Motion to accept, seconded, unanimously approved

6. Meeting Adjourned 8:55 pm

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