MCHA Board of Directors Meeting: November 1, 2022

Call to Order at 7:05pm
Not attending: Valerie Gorsuch and Erin Rehkemper. All other members attending.

Agenda Item #1: Approval of the May 2022 Meeting Minutes
The meeting minutes were approved with the consent of the full board.

Agenda Item #2: Financial/Membership Update

  • 321 members as of October plus 5 more processing

  • $4,000 more in membership dues compared to last year. Mode contribution is $60.

  • The board reviewed the financials.

Agenda Item #3: Cocktail Party Recap

  • Net cost was $14,270. This is similar to last year.

  • 201 people attended, 241 RSVPed Yes.

  • The board discussed the possibility of charging for the party next year, and/or having different membership levels. It was noted that other peer HOAs have tiered membership levels.

  • Chad suggested that $35 is too low, and it was noted that the current $35 fee has been unchanged for at least 18 years.

  • Chad suggested the possibility of a community membership tier and a more expensive social membership tier.

  • Some board members raised the concern that increasing the fee over $35 could possibly cause some existing members to pass on future renewals.

  • Several board members said that before any decision is made regarding fees, a plan should be developed for community projects, events, and/or technology initiatives that might drive the need for a larger budget.

Agenda Item #4: Website Relaunch

  • $3,000 was already approved for the website.

  • Report by Derek and Tara: During last week’s communication committee meeting, several participants liked the PVE Foundation website.

  • A projects section was suggested. Renaming or refocusing the blog section was also suggested.

  • An internship was suggested to help develop content for the website.

  • A digital media ad hoc committee will be formed, with a longer-term committee needed in the future to implement an upgrade to the website and other digital media.

  • A request to have an MCHA credit card or debit card available to support digital initiatives was made by Derek. Follow up with Malaga Bank and Erin is required.

Agenda Item #5: New Initiatives

  • The 100 year anniversary of PVE is coming in June 2023. Various organizations will participate, but the PVLD is leading the planning for the event.

  • Derek raised the subject of supporting the PVHA, PVPD, and other entities that are exploring the installation of license plate cameras to deter crime.

  • It was noted that RPV and RHE are both installing several “Flock” brand cameras, and that the PVPD support the use of these cameras in PVE as well.

  • It was generally agreed that MCHA should not directly control any of these cameras, but MCHA might help with education and discussion around the installation of the cameras.

  • It was suggested that coordinating with the PVE Foundation might be appropriate to help raise funds for a pilot of these cameras in PVE.

  • Further input from the Neighborhood Watch is also a potential next step.

  • A suggestion was made to add a goal of supporting community ‘safety’ to our value proposition for membership.

Agenda Item #6: Board Development

  • It was noted that continuity is important for 2022-2023, especially with several newer members on the board.

  • The President noted that it will be likely that two members will be leaving the board next year, but asked for the other members to stay on to help ensure continuity.

  • The nominating committee will be formed per the bylaws and will be tasked with finding at least two suitable candidates for the positions that are expected to open.

  • The Executive Committee (Board Officers) will create an Annual Plan with a budget for 2023 to review with the full board in early January for input and approval,

Meeting Adjourned at 8:30pm.
Submitted by Derek Lazarro on behalf of Valerie Gorsuch

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