Minutes MCHA Board Meeting (Zoom) – February 6, 2023

Directors present: Chad MacAllister, Ginger Eaton, Linda Elliott, Valerie Gorsuch, Tara Hubbard, Gemma Kemps, Derek Lazarro, Erin Rehkemper, Jill Shoemaker (9).

President Kemps called Zoom Meeting to order at 7:04 pm.

1. President’s Remarks and Summary of Executive Committee Discussions

a. The Executive Committee’s goals for coming year are to strengthen and grow membership by 10%, provide more value to young families, and upgrade the MCHA’s digital footprint and member communications.

b. Digital Project. Executive Committee (EC) evaluated 3 proposals – Lini Victoria LLC

($7,150), Creative Partners Group ($8,136) and ekMedia ($6,407). Determined that ekMedia provided the best value for the price and was clear on what services would be included. EC agreed to recommend to Board approval of ekMedia proposal and make adjustment to budget. Consensus was to initially engage ekMedia for logo re-design which had been budgeted and needed before deadline of membership mailing mid-March and present updated budget to Board for approval soon.

c. Committee Structure. EC to recommend to Board the following Standing Committees -Beautification, Communications, Events, Membership and Sponsorship & Partnerships. Ad Hoc Committees or Task Forces to be appointed as needed. Consensus to have at least one Director be assigned to each Committee or Task Force. See attached for Committee Descriptions and Responsibilities.

d. Dues. Discussed various dues structures, how increases in dues might potentially impact renewals, and desire for additional monies to support more activities and investments in beautification. Consensus was to keep basic dues at $35 and have party attendees pay a portion of the party cost – $25 per attendee. Discussion ensured regarding whether the $25 would be mandatory or a suggested donation. It was noted that prior Boards had agreed there would be no dues increases if more than $20,000 was held in reserves as of December 31 of the prior year.

e. Annual Member Party. Venues were evaluated (La Venta Inn, PV Golf and Country Club, Malaga Cove Library, Malaga Cove Plaza). Proposals were not finalized at time of meeting. Elliott moved and Hubbard seconded “To authorize President to negotiate a contract with PV Golf and County Club with a total party cost (including floral, invitations, etc.) not to exceed $25,000 for the Annual Member Party to be held October 22, 2023” Motion approved.

f. Executive Committee acted as Nominating Committee and will present a proposed slate of nine (9) Directors which will be presented to the MCHA members for their approval or proxy at the April 19, 2023 Annual Membership meeting. There are 3 vacancies as Gorsuch, Rehkemper and Shoemaker are leaving.

g. The Executive Committee discussed a debit card for the MCHA with suitable oversight of usage and agreed to maintain a minimal balance in a separate account (less than

$1,000) tied to the debit card. Treasurer to receive copies of statements in timely manner. It was the consensus to obtain a debit card per the above at Malaga Bank.

h. 100 Year Palos Verdes Anniversary Project. This is in planning stages and Kemps will keep the MCHA Board informed and make recommendations for MCHA participation as appropriate.

2. Future Board Meetings scheduled for April 24, July 24, October 23 and January 22, 2024.

3. Meeting adjourned at 9:10 pm.

Submitted Valerie Gorsuch, Secretary

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