Letter from the President

June 2024

Dear Malaga Cove Homeowners,

Thanks for renewing your Malaga Cove Homeowners Association (MCHA) membership!  Together let’s beautify and protect Malaga Cove while building stronger bonds as neighbors.

Why did I accept this position? With PVE struggling, committed MCHA members are needed to help the City maintain the quality-of-life in Malaga Cove. I have worked with many of you during my 15 years on the Palos Verdes Homes Association, 8 years with the MCHA, and 4 years with the Palos Verdes Beach and Athletic Club founding board, and hope you’ll join me again.

Planned MCHA social, beautification, community, and communication activities:

  • Cocktail Party this Fall at the historic Malaga Cove Library
  • Sponsoring the Malaga Cove Summer Concert Series in Farnham Park
  • Landscaping two public areas in Malaga Cove
  • New Series of Forums on important issues
  • Alerts on Hot Topics like PVE’s financial challenges and safety
  • Work to Enhance Public Access to the Gazebo
  • Organize the MCHA Annual Meeting for all Members and PVE Officials
  • Update the Cooperation Agreement with the Neighborhood Church

We appreciate your dues and generous donations.  They make it possible for us to host engaging community socials and pursue neighborhood beautification.

Thanks to each of you,

Mark Paullin

2024-2025 MCHA President

Malaga Cove Homeowners Association Board of Directors 2024-2025:

Community/Church                       Mark Paullin

Communications                            Chad MacAllister

Membership/Social                        Tara Hubbard

Finance                                           Brent Robinson

Community/Church                       Sandii Minshull

Beautification                                Nancy Banken

Communications                           Derek Lazzaro

Social                                             Teresa O’Sullivan

At Large                                         Nancy Robson

Hearty thanks to Phyllis and Rene Scribe, founding members in 1987 who are still active volunteers today!